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Silver Car

Exterior  Maintenance


The foundation of keeping your vehicle's finish healthy and looking great. With this service, contaminants are safely removed from painted surfaces. This includes wheels, tires, wheel wells, and rocker panels.

We use only a double, two-bucket, grit-guarded wash system with all microfiber mitts and towels to ensure the safest route to an impressive result.

Starting at:

Cars $100     Trucks $150    Oversize $200

Polishing Car
White Car

Exterior  Protection


This process begins with our thorough Exterior Maintenence package. Embedded contaminants are removed from clear coat using a claybar. Then, a final, custom-chosen protective coating is added--wax, graphene, or ceramic.

The above methods of protection do not last forever. We highly recommend renewing protection on a regular basis in order prevent a lapse in product protection. We will work with you to chose a product and maintenance schedule that is right for you and your vehicle.

Starting at:

Cars $175   Trucks $225    Oversize $275

Silver Car
Buffing a Car

Paint Correction and Enhancement


An in-depth removal of paint and clear coat defects. Swirls, holograms, orange peel, and haze are present on virtually all vehicles--even when brand new! Things get even worse when you add everyday scratches, machine washes, mineral deposits, bird droppings, Texas lovebugs, rock chips, and more!

With this level of correction, we aim to remove the vast majority of these defects, leaving a strikingly improved surface. We use various compounds and polishes to remove barriers from your paint having incredible depth and optical clarity.

Starting at:

Cars $450    Trucks $550    Oversize $650

Car Front
White Car

Maximum Correction


For those seeking perfection in their vehicle's finish. Maximum Correction begins with all of the processes described above. Then, we work section-by-section to give each panel the attention it requires to look it's very best.

This level of service includes multiple-pass compounding and polishing. Each vehicle is assessed for its own particular needs. Can include wet-sanding for paint leveling and orange peel removal.

We also offer chassis/suspension detailing, benchtop wheel restoration and protection, undercarriage detail, and more.

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